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Measles can kill

This practice follows the national policy for childhood immunisation. Further information can be found on the NHS Immunisation Schedule website.


Pneumococcal Vaccination

Pneumococcal infection is one of the commonest causes of meningitis but also causes ear infections, pneumonia and some other serious illnesses. Vaccination against this condition is available and  is recommended for people with medical conditions for whom pneumococcal infection was likely to be more common or serious. These groups of people include those who :

  • Are over 65,
  • have no spleen or a dysfunction of the spleen,
  • have chronic respiratory disease including COPD (but not asthma in most cases),
  • have chronic Heart Disease,
  • have chronic Kidney disease stages 4+5, on dialysis or have had kidney transplant,
  • have chronic Liver Disease,
  • are diabetes sufferers (on medication),
  • are Immunosupressed,
  • with Cochlear implants,
  • are exposed to occupational metal fumes such as welders.

For most people this is a one off injection which can be done by our nurses or Health care assistants. If you think you are eligible please speak to your nurse, health care assistant or GP for further information.